Ultimate Bitcoin Savings Plan

Are you saving any money lately? Most people would say no because they don’t have any spare money, they think. They don’t realize how powerful savings can become. Most savings accounts just don’t work with low interest returns and high fees. There is nothing left to grow. No wonder most people have given up on the idea.

The Traditional Banking System has been working for the share holders generating huge profits and has let it’s customers down with poor service and high fees on nearly every transaction. Where can I put my spare money and make it work? If only there were a way to get ahead, pay off all my debts and save for the future?

Most people underestimate the power of saving and don’t want to put in the long waiting time or effort to make something work on the old style savings plans.
What would you like to save for, buy or do if you had the chance?
⁃ A world Holiday
⁃ A new Car                                                                                                                                                     
⁃ Deposit on a new House
⁃ Being able to go out to a Restaurant occasionally                                                                                                             
⁃ Help some Church or Charity
⁃ Pay for all your Child minding Fees
⁃ Spend on some Treat for yourself Airlie-Beach

Why aren’t you able to do many of these things?
The money is simply not there. So how can we turn this around?
How can we save and grow our money?

What most people try to do is get a better job with increased pay, work a second job or sell something. All of these help but use up a lot of your spare time and you really don’t have a life anymore. Everything is a struggle to do what?  Very little!
What if there were a way that could work while you sleep, provided high returns and could turn a one time deposit into a monthly cashflow all within 12 months with little risk?
Well there is using a New Technology called Bitcoin. Most people have heard of it but few understand how it works. For more explanation get my Free eBook ‘Bitcoin for Beginners

Bitcoin is a digital currency where payments are made direct from one digital wallet to another with no middlemen. Transactions often take as little as an hour to process while it is being verified by many computers around the world all linked together in what is called a blockchain. You remain anonymous but all the transactions are transparent and can be easily checked.
Concern is getting higher for the future of Fiat or Paper Money. Many are turning to Bitcoin ( Fleeing Fiat) and many other Cryptocurrencies as the Banks and Governments can’t get to it. What is even better is not only buying, holding and getting Capital gain of there Bitcoin. but making your Bitcoin work even more and produce a monthly cash flow you can use for anything you want to save for.

How our Ultimate Bitcoin Savings Plan  works.

With our Ultimate Bitcoin Savings Plan you need 3 things.
1. An Exchange Account – where you deposit and convert your currency into purchasing Bitcoin.
2. A Bitcoin Wallet – where you hold and store your purchased Bitcoin. ( if your exchange account doesn’t have one built in )
3. A Bitcoin Trading Account – where you can use Bitcoin fluctuations to trade and make even more money. ( This is an optional extra if you don’t want to use our savings plan )

All we do is convert out currency into the equivalent Bitcoin in an Exchange account and then transfer it to our Bitcoin Trading account for daily profits and compounding. In the first four months we withdraw all the profit interest out of our account so there is no risk. All our money is out again and we lose nothing if something goes wrong. We then re-invest all the profits each week back into the plan and compound it fast for the next 8 months. At the end of 12 months we have turned out one time deposit into a monthly Income stream which we can use to pay for our Savings goals. The results are amazing and so many people are breaking Free from many financial problems.

What most people don’t understand is cash flow is far better than cash. Getting cash on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is far better because it never runs out as cash does. You learn to trade Bitcoin yourself or let a Broker trade for you in the beginning, and share some of the profits.
Here is what we recommend – The Ultimate Bitcoin Savings Plan starting at around 100-$500. The more you start with the faster you reach your savings goal. Remember whatever monthly Income you would like is the deposit amount you should aim for to start with, if you want to use the 12 month time frame.


Here is an example of how we converted a $10,000 deposit into a $10,000 per month savings plan with huge profits. The key to this Savings Plan working so well is the compounding effect along with the very high interest rate return. Finally people are breaking Free. Finally people are finding solutions to many of their financial problems. Finally people can make progress in life and control their destiny not being manipulated by the banks and government policies.

Imagine a lifestyle where :-
⁃ you had no more Debts or Loans. They were all paid out.
⁃ You paid off your Home Loan in a quarter of the time.
⁃ You could help your Church or Charity.
⁃ You could make other Investments in Property or Precious Metals for example.
⁃ You could Retire Early and Travel the World.
⁃ You could help your Kids and Family be Financially Free.
⁃ You could Reach Financial Freedom within 1-2 years.

Would that be of interest for you to learn some more?
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So many people have caught the vision and are finding there is a way round there problems. Now they are getting money to work for them, not having to work for money, in a job they hate.
You can begin your Financial Freedom Plan today! Click here to start now.