He was looking for a way to Break Free. This is how he Beat the Rat Race.
He had to do it. Get up at 4:00 AM every workday and do shift work on alternate weekends.

Bryan was a 53 year old construction supervisor on a gas field in central Queensland Australia.  He was a FIFO (Fly in, Fly out worker ) working a nine day on and five day off roster.  He had two teenage kids who he rarely saw for days at a time and it made it difficult to do very much when he was home anyway.

Bryan was getting sick of the Rat Race routine he had to work each fortnight.  The money was good but the hours and location were not.  If only there were a way to break free?  Could he find work with the same income but have more free time?  He had searched for other work back in Brisbane but it paid far less than he was used to. Could his family still survive on that?

This is how it all started to change for Bryan.
One night when he had finished dinner while on shift work, he was searching the Internet and he stumbled across a page entitled – “Time Freedom is possible with an online Passive Income.”

Suddenly his tired body came to life again and he focused his attention intently on the article looking for clues on how he too might get Time Freedom.  It talked about new ways of earning income passively through high yield trading accounts using Bitcoin and Crypto-currency.  He had heard of Bitcoin before but knew nothing about it.  The article went on to explain that because of the large changes in Bitcoin and other coin prices each day there was a huge opportunity to make large daily profits by buying and selling on all those price changes.

The idea was to use a special trading software program to do all the work and only sell after it made over 1% in profits.  This may take a few days to achieve.  Subtly Bryan’s mind when into calculator mode.  What if I only invested a couple of thousand dollars.  My returns at 1% per day, ( ie 30% / Mth or 360% / Yr ) would be $600 per month.  Simply quite amazing.  The possibilities could be endless.  He got his calculator out.  Bryan’s take home pay was around $7,000 per month. To give him $7,000 per month at 30% return for the month all he needed was around $23,500 in his account or compound grow it to that level and he would be Free.  Within three months he could double his money.  He could Fire his boss and get rid of the Rat Race forever.

He had never ever heard of such high returns.  Even his superannuation was only earning around 10% per year on average.  He was so tired now and he couldn’t wait to do more homework the next day.  He hardly slept all night with all the excitement he had found.  He contacted the person who had written the article and he explained the account basically runs on autopilot once you set things up.  Bitcoins

All you needed was three things
1.  An exchange account where he could purchase Bitcoin
2.  A Software account where he could purchase the trading software
3.  A Trading account where he could do all the Bitcoin and Alt-coin daily trading

That was all he needed.  It all seemed fairly easy.  But he still had a question.  Was this all legitimate and was it a scam?  His contact said the accounts are all in your name.  If something goes wrong you still have all the coin purchases in your name.  You could always sell them or get another trading program to continue on with.  Wow, This was really the answer he was looking for.

It took Bryan a few weeks to get everything setup.  He started his account off at the higher level with $5000.  Software was  $2000 ( $500 level available ) plus he put $3000 into his trading account.  He setup five trading robots in his program ( 11 available in total if need be ) to start with on autopilot.

Things started happening right away.  Coins were purchased and orders opened for trading.  After the first week some orders were closed and profits taken.  It turned out Bryan achieved 1.53% return on those transactions.  The robots just opened some new orders and the process repeated.  It was truly passive income.  Withdrawals were quite easy.  All he needed to do was to sell some of his coins and deposit them into his exchange account as Bitcoin.  In his exchange account he sold the Bitcoin and then he could transfer it to his bank account.  There were a few account fees in the process but the cash flow was amazing..

Wow, the results started happening.  With the power of compounding it only took nine months of trading and compounding and Bryan reached his goal of $7,000 per month in profits.  He waited another three months to the end of the year where the profits were over $10,000 per month and finally he quit work.  He fired his boss and retired. Wow, so quick.  Finally he was free and living life on his terms.

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Disclaimer – these figures are illustrative only and are not guaranteed in your situation.  Please consult your financial adviser to see if you can add this to your portfolio.